Qualiaço has equipment for laser cutting capable of answering most of the requests in the metal sector.

We cut products of various types: Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Square or Round Tube among others,with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Plate Measures : 3000 X 1500mm
Types of plates: iron (20 mm)stainless steel (12mm) aluminum (8 mm) Acrylic(30mm);Brass(4 mm); Galvanized sheet(5 mm); Other measures: under-query

Tube:Square or Round withthe length up to 3000mm.
Thickness: Iron: 12mm; Inox5mm; Aluminum4mm;
MaxDiameter: 316mm;

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To complement our offer in addition to laser cutting, we also have a bending and welding service.  

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