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Qualiaço is a Portuguese company that has a long tradition in manufacturing specialized products for veterinary and restaurant.
Founded in 2002, its sustained growth enabled it to achieve unquestionable quality standards and excellent market positioning.
From professionals to professionals, this service is only possible with the confidence of all our clients.
The excellence and constant adaptation to international standards and accreditations that resulted in a wide international acceptance. Betting on the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative products in stainless steel, combining robustness, speed and security.
The constant pursuit of production elements of art enables optimization of raw materials, labor, manpower and time employed, such as offering a wide range of innovative products with a quality / price very competitive.
Qualiaço grew and, after more than 10 years, is one of the largest national companies of reference in the sector. Our strong business covers the entire national territory, in order to be closer to the needs of the most demanding customers.
We encourage initiative and creativity, while we promote training and information among our employees to achieve and surpass our common goals.
We are confident that the team effort usually generates the best results.
Looking to the future as a challenge is one of our ambitions, which is why we are extending the business across borders. We believe that only with the best service, we can achieve our goals.

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